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Hydraulic oil with particularly good low-temperature properties. Viscosity Index of 200. Exceeds most manufacturers’ requirements. DIN 51524, part 3 HVLP, ISO VG 46. Also suitable for screw compressors where hydraulic oil is recommended. Chevron's Rando HD 46 Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, 5 Gallon Pail is a premium-grade oil manufactured to protect hydraulic pumps in mobile and stationary systems.

Texaco rando hdz 46 säkerhetsdatablad

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Sikkerhedsforanstaltninger: Må ikke komme i øjnene, på huden eller på tøjet. Rando HDZ is a proven performance hydraulic oil designed for use in equipment working under high pressure, high load conditions, in a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures. Rando HDZ is a shear stable, multi-viscosity mineral oil, formulated with … RANDO HDZ ISO 46 (27-3261) Hydraulic Oils: Chevron RANDO HDZ ISO 68 (27-3262) Hydraulic Oils: Chevron RANDO HDZ ISO 100 (27-3263) Hydraulic Oils: Chevron RANDO HDZ ISO 22 (27-3264) Hydraulic Oils: Chevron RANDO HD ISO 22 (27-3276) Hydraulic Oils: Chevron RANDO HD ISO 32 (27-3277) I fluidi Hydraulic HDZ costituiscono una linea di oli idraulici antiusura ad alto indice di viscosità, destinati ad impieghi in impianti idraulici in servizio severo. Sono formulati con un’additivazione a base di zinco e miglioratori dell’indice di viscosità molto resistenti alle sollecitazioni di taglio e … texaco rando hdz 32 texaco rando hdz 46 texaco rando hdz 68 texaco rando hdz lt 32 texaco rando hees 46 texaco rando wm 32. ostatné chevron produkty > chevron black pearl grease ep nlgi 2 chevron hipersyn oil 100 chevron hipersyn oil 46 chevron hipersyn oil 68 chevron clarity hydraulic oil aw 100 Texaco Rando HDZ 32 is a proven performance multi-viscosity anti- wear hydraulic fluid designed to offer robust protection at 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI) where surge pressures may increase metal-to-metal contact and wear, by effectively plating out metal surfaces in vane-, piston-, and gear-type pumps. Texaco Rando HDZ 46.

3: HVLP. 46. M. 1000 / 209 / 20 / Bulk.

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May 23, 2005 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100. CUSTOMER BENEFITS. Texaco Rando HDZ oils deliver value through: • High oxidation stability — Longer service life  Product Data Sheet. Rando® HDZ Rando HDZ oils are approved against: • Parker Hannifin Bosch Rexroth Fluid Rating List RDE 90245 for ISO 32, 46, 68.

Hydraulic Oil HDZ 46,68100 AVSNITT 1. NAMNET - Alltank

Texaco rando hdz 46 säkerhetsdatablad

15. 22. 32. 46. 68. 100. 3,9.

Texaco rando hdz 46 säkerhetsdatablad

2 of 7 Rando HD 32, 46, 68 SDS : 23556 advice.
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Texaco rando hdz 46 säkerhetsdatablad

For air-purifying respirators use a particulate cartridge. Use a positive pressure air-supplying respirator in circumstances where air-purifying respirators may not Delo Gold 15w40, Rando hdz Hydralic, SÄKERHETSDATABLAD SÄK GAT TEXACO RANDO HDZ 46 HYDRALOLJA IBC 1000 .l. Rando HD 10 and 22 can be used as spindle lubricants where zinc-free oils are not required. Rando HD 32, 46 and 68 are recommended for typical hydraulic oil applications and for use in lightly loaded reciprocating compressors; Rando HD 100 or 150 are recommended for applications where AGMA rust and oxidation inhibited oils are required Texaco smörjmedel marknadsförs i Sverige av Preem Petroleum AB Bilaga (länk): Föregående Nästa Säkerhetsdatablad Produktinformation Hydrauloljor Rando HDZ 32 Användningsområde Rando HDZ 32 är en hydraulolja med högt viskositetsindex (VI), speciellt för hydraulsystem i mobilautrustningar och utomhusbruk.

15. 22. 32. 46. 68. 100.
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Rando HD oils provide excellent: • antiwear protection • oxidation and corrosion inhibition • foam and aeration 2004-02-08 Safety Data Sheet Product Name: Rando HDZ 15 Reference No: ZE0001901 Issued: 2017-12-06 Version: 5.0 Page 3 of 7 Hazchem Code: Not applicable. Suitable extinguishing media: If material is involved in a fire use water fog (or if unavailable fine water spray), alcohol resistant foam, standard foam, dry agent (carbon dioxide, dry chemical powder). About the Site. This database includes Safety Data Sheets for active lubricants and fuels marketed by Chevron in Europe. If you need an SDS for a discontinued product or if you cannot find an SDS for a current product please contact your local Chevron Sales Center.

Spec. Viskositet. Texaco smörjmedel marknadsförs i Sverige av Preem Petroleum AB. Bilaga (länk): Föregående. Nästa. Säkerhetsdatablad.
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Hydraulic Oil HDZ 100. Produktblad Rando HDZ 46. Marknadsmaterial · Jordbruk · Entreprenad · Tunga fordon · Hydraulolja · Gruvdrift · Texaco Delo · Produktkatalog · Säkerhetsdatablad, SDB  Användning Hydraulolja för utomhusbruk. 1.3 Närmare upplysningar om den som tillhandahåller säkerhetsdatablad.

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Goda egenskaper vid  Shell Texaco Mobil Ok/Q8 Castrol Industri Utgångspunkt Castrol Hydrauloljor ISO 32 Mineralolja Tellus S2 V-serien Rando HDZ-serien DTE 10 EXCEL 46 Q8  Försäljningsobjekt: Hydraulolja, Perlus H 46/32, 100L Skillnad mellan hydraulolja handel 32 och 46? Rando HDZ, premium hydraulolja med zinkbaserat . Hydraulikiila img. Texaco Rando HDZ 32 hydraulikolie dunk mineralolie-baseret Hydraulikolie HDZ 46 | Køb multigrad hydraulikolie hos LINDS  1 of 10 Hydraulic Oil HDZ 46 SDS : 39169 Säkerhetsdatablad AVSNITT 1 IDENTIFIERING AV ÄMNET/BLANDNINGEN OCH AV FÖRETAGET/BOLAGET 1.1 Produktidentifierare Hydraulic Oil HDZ 46 Receptnummer: 02897 1.2 Relevanta identifierade användningar av ämnet eller blandningar samt användningar vilka avråds från Identifierade Användningar: Hydraulolja Artikel-nr Rando HDZ 22: 2931, Rando HDZ 32 : 2932, Rando HDZ 46: 2933, Rando HDZ 68: 2934, Rando HDZ 100: 2935 1.2 Relevanta identifierade användningar av ämnet eller blandningen och användningar som det avråds från Användning Hydraulolja. 1.3 Närmare upplysningar om den som tillhandahåller säkerhetsdatablad Leverantör Preem AB (Publ 2 of 8 Rando HDZ 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 SDS : 23537 SECTION 4 FIRST AID MEASURES Description of first aid measures Eye: No specific first aid measures are required.

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Molylub Hyd HFDU. Texaco texaco rando hd 10 (1) texaco rando hd 100 (2) texaco rando hd 22 (2) texaco rando hd 32 (2) texaco rando hd 46 (2) texaco rando hd 68 (2) texaco rando wm 32 (1) texaco textran v-32 (2) hvlp (17) texaco hydraulic oil hdz 100 (2) texaco hydraulic oil hdz 15 (1) texaco hydraulic oil hdz 22 (1) texaco hydraulic oil hdz 32 (3) texaco hydraulic oil Texaco Rando HDZ oils deliver value through: High oxidation stability HDZ oils are versatile lubricants available in multiviscosity ISO 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, and  Rando HD are highly robust Rando HD hydraulic fluids combine advanced, high quality solvent refined M-2950-S (Mobile applications) (ISO 32, 46, 68).

Rando® HD Advanced, high durability hydraulic fluids Customer benefits Highly durable system protection Rando HD hydraulic fluids combine advanced, high quality solvent refined base stocks with latest technology additive systems, maximising oxidation protection in high speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps, and the critical bronze Rando HDZ oils incorporate antiwear additives, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, foam and aeration suppressants, and a shear stable viscosity index improver. Applications They are recommended for hydraulic or circulating oil systems, including marine on-deck machinery, hydraulic actuated loading bins, or equipment that require a wider operating temperature as compared to a single viscosity Hydraulic Oil HDZ Typiska data Test Testmetod Resultat Viskositetsklass 46 68 100 Kinematisk viskositet vid 40°C, mm²/s ASTM D445 46 68 100 Kinematisk viskositet vid 100°C, mm²/s ASTM D445 8.16 11.0 14.0 Viskositetsindex ASTM D2270 154 152 150 Flampunkt COC, °C ASTM D92 228 230 246 Equivis ZS 46. Hydraulolja för system som arbetar under hårda påfrestningar. Anpassad för året-runt bruk. Datablad .